Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Monday

This past weekend was a little crazy but I did manage to get some time to take some pictures of things that I promised I would post photos of.

Why was my weekend crazy you may ask.

Friday night was pretty calm, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner and then headed to the movie store so that we could have a quite night in. We rented the Wrestler, and Slumdog Millionaire. Of course we had to watch the wrestler first, and it turned out to be a bit better than I thought it was going to be. I have not made it all the way through Slumdog yet because I am not good at watchimg movies and I always fall alseep, goal for tonight is to finish the movie.

Saturday was kind of a wasted day. I did a 5 mile walk for MS, with two friends of mine, but lately I have been having these wierd reoccuring migraines that decide to show up any time that I exercise so after the walk my head was pounding and I didnt really have the energy to do much. I ended up heading over to my parents house to do some laundry and get some advice from my mother about the headache issue. After chatting with her I now have an appointment to see both my regular doctor and my eye doctor so that I can get this problem solved.

Now for Sunday, but first a little background info. My boyfriend and I decieded a while back that we definately needed some new things for the apartment, we chose 2 items that we absolutely needed. 1st a new tv, the old 20 inch tv wasnt cutting it and with the switch over to HD tv coming very soon we decided that a new tv would be a high priority. The second thing we decided we needed was some new furniture. The chair and couch that we had were both from college days and they have pretty much lived thier life. We made a deal that my boyfriend would purchase the tv and I would buy the furniture. So, a little over a month ago we went shopping and Chris purchased our new 42" flat screen plasma television. Yesterday we went furniture shopping. We checked out 3 places and ended up coming home with a dark brown leather recliner from the first place that we went to, the second place we visited had absolutely nothing that we were interested in, and at the thrid place I bought a love seat and a sofa. I am very happy with my purchases and I think they will last us a long time.

On top of all that I managed to get around to taking some photos.

Here is my new baby. As I explained in the post before this, its an Ashford Traveller and I love her, stay tuned for more photos. She still is nameless but I'm sure it will come to me. So far I have spun some BFL from Maine Woods Fiber, a bit of wool and silk that I got from the DiA swap, a bit of Lornas Laces fiber in the colorway Daffodil, and currently on my wheel is some dark chocolate brown Alpaca.

This is my first handspun attempt. All of this fiber is from the starter kit I bought from Maine Woods Fiber on The first skein is 2ply, one of the plys I spun with my drop spindle, the other with the wheel and they were plyed together on the wheel. The other two skeins are singles that I made with my drop spindle.
The darker green is the first skein I made and its pretty hard to see but it came out decent for my first go at spinning.
Peace and Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Too Long Without An Update

WOW! Its been a long time. I have been so busy doing crafty things that I haven't had much time for blogging. Needless to say my Ravelry page and my Blog have suffered.

What have I been up to?

First off the Dragonfly in Amber Swap is nearing and end. I recieved my swap goodies from my spoiler and boy was I supprised. The gifts I got were beautiful.
The book is not from the Diana Gabaldon Series but there is reference to one of her characters in "Into the Wilderness" hence the reason for recieving this book. The buttons have little scottish thistles painted on them to go with the theme of the book. I also recieved some silk for spinning (another thing that I have been doing a lot of lately), and the beautiful hand made stitch markers.

Some other things I recieved were BEAUTIFUL hand spun yarn, made by my spoiler, a hand knitted pence jug, and cocolate chip cookies MY ULTIMATE favorite! I will have a picture of the hand spun but the only one I have right now just does not do it justice. If you visit my ravelry page (aplourde) you can see all of these items in my projects page.
Secondly, I have started going to a local spinning guild once per month, I have met the nicest ladies there and I have become a fiber addict! My knitting has suffered. Its gotten so bad that after 2 months of spindling (which I love and was getting pretty good at) I decieded to go out and buy a spinning wheel.
Just last week I brought home my new baby an Ashford Traveller. Don't worry, like any proud mother I will post pictures of her. She still does not have a name but I am sure it will come to me eventually.
I have successfully created 3 small skeins of hand spun and I am so proud of myself. IT's by no means perfect and is pretty lumpy but I feel very accomplished.
The roving that I used to make the yarn is from Maine Woods Yarn and Fiber. They have a little shop on that you can check out. I also orderd some fiber from Sonny and Shear, which should arrive by the end of the week.
I also took it upon myself to buy 3lbs of un-cleaned Alpaca fiber in a lovely chocolate brown color from an animal named Maja. I have ever so slowly been going through the process of picking and cleaning said fiber and I had a feeling it would take forever but luckilly its not wool. Apparently wool is very hard to clean because of all the lanolin you have to wash it in very hot water a number of times to get the grease out. Last Saturday I spent a whole day at one of my newly found fiber addicts houses cleaning a bit of my fiber and learning the process. Its very fun and I can hardly wait for the finished product. Thanks Nicole I had a GREAT TIME!
Finally I have been doing some gardening, or preparing to garden. I have seedlings galore at my apartment waiting patiently for the temperature to increase so that they can go out doors. I have also been helping my parents prepare for thier first square foot garden attempt. I am so excited! I highly recommend the square foot gardening method. For a great reference I suggest The All New Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew.
This years crop should produce the following: Tomatoes (roma, cherry, and heirloom), cucumbers (lemon, and regular), bush beans, egg plants, bell peppers (in carnival mix, and green), sweet peppers, carrotts, parsnips, watermelon, cantulope, summer and winter squash, acorn squash, zucchini, basil, chives, sage, oregano, and last but not least some flowers (dahlias, bachelors buttons, petunias, coleus, morning glories, moss rose, and cypress vine).