Friday, January 16, 2009

I Must Be Dreaming

Ravlery is taking over my life. I am completely ADDICTED and I hope I stay that way. I have been making new friends and sharing ideas and tips about a lot of things that I love.
Also, I have joined many groups including the Diana Gabaldon Outlander group. Through this group I will be participating in the DiA swap and I CAN'T WAIT! The Outlander books were my most favorite series ever next to HP and Twilight that is.

Last weekend I worked desperately to finish up some of my projects from the pile of WIP's. Unfortunately I ran out of yarn for most of the projects that I was working on and couldn't tear myself away from the needles long enough to go to the store and get more yarn.

I also forgot to mention that I recieved the Pattern-A-Day calendar for christmas. I LOVE IT! I am going to try to make all of the projects since most of them are small quick items. So far I have made the soap sack, and I am working on the Guitar Man socks. I hope to post photos of these things.

Goals for the weekend:
-Go to the store and get yarn to finish WIP's
-Take Photos of projects to post for all to see.

One final note, I have been pondering the idea of starting my own yarn shop......this is the reason that I must be dreaming. With the economy the way it is, I don't know that I would ever be able to get this off the ground. Maybe yarn shops are only meant for those of us who have spent years in the coorporate world or at other taxing jobs and have finally had enough. I have only been out of school for a few years now. I also have considered possibly creating the yarn store as an online buisness, that way I could do it as a part time venture. If anyone out there has any suggestions, or helpful words by way of constructive criticism I would love to have a chat.

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the winter!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Lately (well in the last month or so) I have caught a serious knitting bug. I recieved some yarn for Christmas (see Knitting Basket below) and I started knitting everything in sight. I have many different types of yarn in my basket. Anything from acrylic Red Heart to Fleece Artist Sea Wool. Center yarn is the Caron Bamboo. Next to it on the right is the sea wool. I will be taking another picture of that so that you can see how beautiful it really is. The pink varigated is Red Heart.

The picture above is a dragon sweater that I have been working for a friend of mine's daughter. Needless to say I have 1 arm and the hood to go and then the spikes down the back, i ran out of yarn. (Note to self: must make trip to AC Moore to get more yarn for project).

The afghan may or may not get finished before 6 Kingdoms starts. This project was given to me by my grandmother. She got it from another friend who can no longer see well enough to knit. I have been working on it here and there and I have about 2 out of 7 panels done. I know I will love the blanket when its done, however the panels just get too repetitive and boring for me. This is one reason that i have so many projects going on i get bored too easily. I guess that is a Pisces thing.

Next on the roster. This is the Knitting Hush Hush. I decied that since i hate wearing nighites but i loved the pattern i would just turn it into a tanktop. I have completed about 90% of the project to date. This is also the project that I have been working on the most in the past couple of weeks. I will post a finished picture of all of my projects as they are done. I also am on ravelry as aplourde and my projects will all apper on there as well.

Finally the Plastic bag Bag. I made my yarn out of hannaford bags. This project is also about 95% done. All i need to do is make the handles or a strap or some thing that I can use to cary the bag around. I will be lining this with some random material also so that it has more of a finished handbag look.

This project was finishe. is a sweater that i made for my mother. Little did i know while making said sweater that the arms were going to come out as long as they did. I believe i may have made the arms to fit me. Moms arms are much shorter. So now I have the task of removing said arms and re-knitting them so that they fit mom. I have decided to put this off till last, she may not get the sweater back until next winter.......who knows.

Now I want to talk about Ravelry for a minute. I LOVE RAVELRY! It may possibly be the best thing to ever happen to knitters and crocheters. The website is very well organized and there are many many many patterns/groups/forums and wonderful people that make up the community.