Friday, December 11, 2009


Since I can't post photos of the knitted Christmas gifts that I have been working on until after Christmas. I would like to talk about the Challenge I have given to myself for the up coming year.

I have seen knitters challenge themselves in the past and fail but I am determined. I also know that at this time of year many people make promises to themselves that go uncompleted but again I am DETERMINED to follow through.

I know there are people out there with gigantic stashes of yarn fiber and other crafty things that fill whole rooms or multiple rooms. I'm not that kind of person. Don't get me wrong, I love yarn and fiber just as much as the next person, and maybe sometimes more than the next person, but my personality does not allow me to have that much "stuff".
I once though I had a large apartment, probably before my boyfriend moved and, and before we got our little dog. A time when all the space was devoted solely to me and my things.
Now, I'm beginning to think that our space is not quite big enough. When my mind starts thinking this way I usually go into minimalist mode and start freaking out about where I am going to put everything and how I can get rid of all the things I don't really need.

Last night I was looking around at my knitting baskets and my fiber basket and realized they are quite full/over flowing. Some of this is lazyness on my part because I keep throwing yarn in the baskets that should go back to its home upstairs.
The knitting baskets downstairs are supposed to be for "daily use". I keep WIP's in them and soon to be WIP's (aka new skeins of yarn that I'm just not quite ready to put in the bin upstairs). As for the fiber basket I have fiber from the Common Ground Fair that I haven't touched yet that looks up at me, each time I walk by,longing to become yarn at some point. I also have fiber that was purchased much before that which is half spun and needs to be finished soon.

So my challenge to myself is:


2. Finish all current WIPS (things that have been hibernating in my closet for some time)

3. Spin up all the fiber that I have (approximately 10-15oz.) before purchasing any more.

4. Make 15-20 hats for the Mad Hatter ASAP so that I won't have to worry about them for a while, unless I get a special order.

5. Complete all projects for the Unique Sheep Yarn Club (I have successfully completed 1 project so far which means I have 3 others to make and 2 more on the way).

6. STASHDOWN as much as possible, I really, really, do not need to buy any yarn. I should learn to make due with what I have, istead of running off to the store to buy something different.

A side note on the stashdown which will become my mantra: If I use up what I have instead of going out and buying more I will have extra money.

Extra Money = Extra Cash To Pay Off Bills (namely my junk car and student loans since I successfully paid off both my credit cards!)

Paid Off Bills = Money That Can Be Saved For Large Purchases

Large Purchase = House for Amanda, Mr. Bobcat and Becca

All in all I don't think this is a hard challenge and I really think I can stick to my guns and work toward the ultimate goal of saving money for a house.


Happy Knitting