Friday, January 29, 2010

I Feel Like Dr. Frankenstein

I'm creating a MONSTER!  Here are some progress photos of Francis.  You can kind of see what I meant in the previous post about tye-dye yarn.  Its varies from dark purple to very light purple (nearly white).

Here he is with his toothy grin!  I'm very excited for Francis to be completed. All I have left is his ears and arms, and I will have to find some sort of a tie for him to wear around his neck.  This will be my first full size monster. Up till now I have only made monster chunks, which are also very cute and addicting to knit. I already have plans to make Sammie or Maddox, or Daphne and Delilah (I just can't decide) for my next monster project.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Knitosophy and Francis

I currently have 2 knitting projects sitting on my coffee table.  Apparently I can never have just one thing going on at a time. 

This past Tuesday I decided that I would like to have a new pair of socks, I probably have 25 pairs of socks but whats one more right?  Plus, only 3 pairs of the 25 are hand knit by me.  I decided to make the socks using the pattern called Kathy's Socks.  The pattern is from the 2009 knitting pattern a day calendar.
They yarn is called Knitosophy, its by Dream In Color.  The colorway is Laugh.

Here are a couple of progress photos.  I also have this project posted on Ravelry and I will be submitting it for the Eat Sleep Knit Sock-A-Long. 

Unfortunately the pattern isn't showing up that well but hopefully as I knit a few more inches it will show up more.

I started my second project last night, I didn't particularly feel like working on socks. Its another monster!  I decided to make Francis.  She is one of Rebecca Danger's Monsters, and I must say when she is complete she will be living in my new office at work.
So far I have completed the body, but I need to add eyes and stuffing before I can close up Francis' head.  I am using a semi varigated yarn, it actually looks more tye-dye to me. I will have progress photos soon. 

Happy Knitting!

Friday, January 22, 2010

What Was Lost Has Now Been Found

I got it back. My mojo that is. It took me a while but when I felt that small urge to knit I went for it. I decided that all I needed was a little instant gratification. I dug through my patterns and found the perfect thing. MONSTER CHUNKS! I set out to make one, and low and behold it was just the thing to bring back my desire to knit.

As for the fate of the little orange monster:

My boyfriend didn't like the monster chunk, he said he didn't like it staring at him, so he stuck it in a houseplant. I then decided that the plant was not a great place for a monster chunk to live, since they need lots of space to dance around.
The little monster now resides at the best place to dance, the YMCA. He is living on my brothers desk, keeping him company as he works. I'm thinking he might need a few more friends.

Currently I'm working on a baby blanket for a friend and I have also started my latest pattern from the Unique Sheep 6 Kingdoms Club. The blanket is going much faster than the other project (which is lace) but both are keeping me interested.

On a side note, I will no longer be selling hats at the Mad Hatter in the Bangor Mall :0( Unfortunately they are closing. So for now I will be taking orders for hats until I can find another place to sell them at. Maybe I should just think about getting a booth at a craft show? Anyone have any tips about craft shows?

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Help Me Find My Mojo

This is going to be a fairly short post since I am having knitting block (my version of writers block).

First I wanted to post some pictures of Christmas gifts that I knitted since I couldn't post them before, due to blog lurking relatives and friends.

Wine Cozy: For Jessamine with wine of course

Stethoscope Cover: For my Brother

Simple Scarf: For one of the girls at work (I never got photos of the others)
Bellas Mittens for Emma:
Dog Walker Mitten: For Gram

French Press Slippers: For Auntie and BF's Mom

Fingerless Mitts: For Annie

Now I have to talk for a short minute about this knitting funk I am in.
All of a sudden, after the holidays came to a close, I have barely been able to pick up my needles. Not to mention the fact that I haven't touched my spinning wheel in months. I don't understand how I got in this rut, I'm pretty sure that I knitted nearly every day of 2009 and I was hoping this year would be the same. So far though, I think I have probably only knit for about 4 hours this year, BORING.
Its going to be really hard to complete my 2010 goals (see previous post) if I can't seem to get the mojo to knit. I even have projects that I am working on that I am getting paid for that I can't seem to finish.
How do I get out of this rut?
Any good suggestions would be appreciated............
Happy Knitting